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Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting Fees

  • Contact Lens Evaluation:
    Contact lenses are determined by the FDA to be medical devices, and like all prescription devices they must be monitored on a regular basis. All contact lens wearers require a contact lens evaluation every year. The doctor assesses your eyes to make sure your cornea, lids, and lashes are healthy. If you are a first-time contact lens wearer the doctor assesses whether you are a candidate for contact lenses. If you are an existing contact lens wearer, the doctor must evaluate the lenses you are wearing to make sure they are still satisfactory in fit and vision, and that you have no complication related to contact lens wear.

    Contact Lens Fitting:
    Patients will require a contact lens fitting in addition to the evaluation if:
    1. You are a new patient to our office and we did not fit your contact lenses.
    2. Your current contact lens prescription has changed.
    3. You require a change in the material or design of your lenses.

    Though all new patients to our office will incur the initial fitting fee, most established patients will incur only the evaluation fee unless you and the doctor decide together that a change is needed.

    Your fitting fee will include insertion/removal instruction if needed, initial solutions and diagnostic lenses for the trial period. Contact lens evaluation fee is $50 and contact lens fitting fee is $10-$60 depending on the type of lens being fit.

    Retinal Photos
    A retinal photo is a picture of the inside of the eye. This technology gives our doctor a better view of the health of your eye and documents its status. While this is not a replacement for dilation, should you choose to not have your eyes dilated we strongly recommend taking the photos. If you have a history of eye disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or family history of eye disease we strongly recommend taking the photos. Retinal photos are included in the OUT OF POCKET (non-insurance) exam fees. If you are using vision insurance, these photos are typically not covered and the fee is $30. If you are using medical insurance and there is a medical reason to take the photos, we will bill them to your insurance for you.
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